Are Travel Costs Stopping You From Attending the #AuTT Sales and Marketing Conference?

If you do not live in Victoria and have a limited budget or are having a tough time convincing yourself or your boss about the extra travel costs associated with your conference ticket, let’s chat here.

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the below,¬†AuTT can help you.

  1. Looking to attend both 1st and 2nd Conference but no budget for hotel and airfare.
  2. Looking to buy 3 or More Conference Tickets for 1st September.
  3. Looking to buy 3 or More Conference Tickets for 2nd September (USA Export Day)

Depending on your ticket purchases, AuTT can help you negotiate a better hotel rate, give you a complimentary hotel room, give you airfare and hotel reimbursements or even give you additional packages like ‘The Pavilion’ entry for your brands.

Email or Call Sid Patel on 0450 856 094 to discuss your needs now. This special assist program ends soon. (This program is only for businesses with a turnover of less than $2 million a year).


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