Enter Your Wine, Beer and Spirits Brands Now (Entries Close 14 August)

Pavilion_TW_header_0815_1 (00000002)Capped at 100 SKU’s between wines, spirits and beer, it is a perfect area for small producers to get their brands out to the trade. Interstate producers looking to get in front of Melbourne and Sydney buyers can also find ‘The Pavilion’ section a good way to find a distributor or expand current retail distribution

Please note: Pavilion is a separate feature than you being an Exhibitor. (Suppliers are not permitted in ‘The Pavilion area’. AuTT staff will pour your brands and generate leads for you. It is a great way to showcase your brands to the buyers if you cannot make it or if you are already an AuTT exhibitor and need addition exposure.)

The Pavilion is also a very economical approach for overseas suppliers to send samples and have AuTT manage the brands. AuTT will also assist overseas suppliers interested to find importers in Australia.

Entrance to ‘The Pavilion’ will only be available to those with proven buying power and journalists.

Cost to enter – $125 per SKU per city.

Your brand will be showcased with your brand sheet which will include estimated retail price, brand pitch, technical info and your contact details. Buyers interested will also fill out a sample request form which will be then forwarded to you. No extra costs.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1) Can I submit only for one city?

Yes you can. Cost $125 per city.

2) How many bottles are needed, Where to send and when.

6 bottles per sku. We will use 3 bottles per city. We will send the sample instruction once you register. You only need to send samples to Melbourne and we will arrange shipping of samples to Sydney at our cost. AuTT will send you details on how to send samples once you complete your submission.

3) Who are the buyers?

Buyers are Australian retailers, distributors, importers and press. Thus enter your brands if you are looking to expand and grow in Australia.

4) What is the deadline?

Entries are open till we reach 100 skus. Only 100 skus between wine, beer, spirits and ciders will be accepted. Enter now to secure your spot.

AuTT_Form_Submit_NowAuTT Exhibitor RegistrationPlease contact Sid Patel on 0450 856 094 or sid@australiatradetasting.com if you have any questions.

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