The US Drinks Market: Disrupting the System

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How the World’s Top Selling Wine Brand Disrupted the US Market?


Michael and Bonnie founded Barefoot in 1986 and it quickly became known as a ‘disruptive’ label. Barefoot was an award winning, non-vintage brand targeted at the female USA consumer with a simple, easy-to-understand label that was bursting with color and fun. Buyers were hesitant to put in what they were offering. The industry was very resistant, but Michael and Bonnie were relentless in their pursuit and fulfilled their dream.

Here are some of the questions we asked.

  • Would you say you disrupted the existing market when Barefoot was launched?
  • What are your top 5 tips for owners ready to take their brands to the USA market?
  • Biggest challenges faced and how did you overcome them.

We recently sat down with Michael and Bonnie to discuss the strategies they employed to grow the Barefoot brand into a national icon. Get insights on strategies they applied to grow the Barefoot Wine Brand.

This is the second part of a two part interview with Michael and Bonnie about how they built the Barefoot brand. The first installment discusses how they first found traction in the US market, where they found the most valuable advice and how they took the brand national.

Michael and Bonnie will be Keynote Speakers at Australia Trade Tasting in 2015. Come learn from them (and other leading Beverage Professionals from the USA and Australia) about successful sales,

Barefoot Wine Founders Announced As Keynote Speakers

Australia Trade Tasting

I don’t know if you are already aware, but we have a great line-up of speakers ready to inspire you to do great things at the Australia Trade Tasting Conference. We believe learning from the world’s most innovative and inspirational people is something special.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce that Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, two of the most successful wine brand owners of all time, are going to be keynote speakers at the Australia Trade Tasting USA Export Focus Day.

As founders of Barefoot Wines, Michael and Bonnie are perhaps the most prolific wine sales professionals in history. I mean, who else can say that they started out in their laundry room with nothing more than an idea and then went on to build the world’s top selling wine brand? Now that’s something truly special!


Whether you admire them for their commitment to fulfilling their dream or for their business savvy, these two are absolute must see key note speakers. Their insight into the US Market is profound. Come get inspired by their Guiding Principles for Success (GPS) and learn what it really means to succeed in the three tier system.

Receiving their tips first hand is one thing, but when you register before November 30, 2014, you’ll also receive priority VIP front-row seating. That means you’ll get to be face to face as they talk about the in’s and out’s of the international beverage business. Take a look for yourself: