Are you interested in selling your wine, beer or spirit brand into America?

michaelThen join Michael and Bonnie, founders of the world’s no 1 selling wine brand Barefoot when they take on the stage in Melbourne on 2nd September in a US Export focus conference hosted by Australia Trade Tasting.

Michael and Bonnie founded Barefoot in 1986 and it quickly became known as a “disruptive” label. They will discuss the strategies they employed to grow the Barefoot brand into a national icon in USA. This is a must attend event if you are looking to enter the US Market or Selling there already.

Learn more about the valuable first-hand business knowledge they gained from their real life experiences building this blockbuster brand.


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Book your seats and get a signed copy of their book The Barefoot Spirit: How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart Built America’s #1 Wine Brand