Paracombe Wines, A Boutique Adelaide Hills Winery Built on the Grounds of a Generation Past.


Australia Trade Tasting profiles Paracombe Wines, a boutique Australian winery from a storied region.

Since they bought their land in 1983, Paracombe founders Paul and Kathy have been hard at work making their dream of owning a winery come true. Today, they have grown what was once their idyllic garage project into a full-fledged operating winery. Expanding from 100 cases to a facility capable of crushing 2000 tonnes of fruit in just over twenty years, Paul and Kathy have built Paracombe into a premium wine label through dedication and honest hard work.

As you open a bottle of The Reuben – A Paracombe family blend named after Reuben Chapman who was a great community man that was revered for giving a lot to the district in the early days of Paracombe – one can only wonder how the wine making process has changed since his time. Anticipating the subtle taste of chocolate and tobacco swirling in your mouth, a great whisp of blackberries and strawberries meet your nose and you are reminded of what a great adventure these new pioneers are truly on.

After twenty years perfecting their craft, Kathy and Paul are sharing the fruits of their labour with the rest of the world. Today, Paracombe Wines are exported to United Kingdom, Canada, Europe and Asia.

We caught up with Kathy Drogemuller and she gave us some great insight into how we can all live the Paracombe way of life – It’s one of those unique stories that seems right out of a fairytale.

Tell us about your family winery – where does the name come from and what’s the story behind the brand?

Paracombe is the name of the small rural township where we are located in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Just a half an hour drive from Adelaide CBD and with vineyards and orchards laced through the district,  it is a truly beautiful part of the world.  Our remarkable story started in 1983 when Paul and I bought a burnt out, old dairy farm after the devastating Ash Wednesday bushfires of 1983. With no background in growing grapes or making wine, we planted vineyards. Then we discovered there was a history of grape growing and winemaking in the region dating back to the mid 1800’s which had died out. So began our passion and vision to revive Paracombe as a premium wine producing area. We started making wine in our tin shed with a home built basket press, second hand milk tanks and crusher. With just 100 cases of three wines we launched Paracombe Wines in 1992.

Today we have 14 wines in the range, have expanded our vineyards, designed and built a winery with facility to crush to crush up to 2000 tonnes of fruit, underground cellars and stunning cellar door.

Paracombe wines are made, bottled, packaged on site and distributed direct from the winery. This soft environmental footprint and authentic style of management has helped Paracombe Wines harness an identity and reputation for producing ecologically crafted wines with finesse and style. Our son Ben has joined the family business and we have an amazing team who all contribute to making Paracombe a successful, award winning winery. It is a wonderful, inspiring success story.

Are your wines produced exclusively from grapes from your vineyards?

Our Paracombe range includes some stunning single vineyard wines from our family vineyard at Paracombe like our Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc  and Cabernet Sauvignon. We also have some superb single vineyard wines from our Paracombe growers such as the Malbec and Shiraz Viognier. Then there is the wonderful five varietal wine – The Reuben is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec Cabernet Franc and Shiraz harvested from our family block as well as grapes from three local growers.

In addition to our own home vineyard, we also source grapes from local specialist family growers with whom we work very closely to ensure our high standards are met. All vines are hand pruned with minimal irrigation to keep yields low, contributing a strong influence in our premium wine style.

Paracombe has won numerous awards.  Tell us about the ones that mean the most to you and why.

Our very first Trophy, for our 1997 Sauvignon Blanc, at the Royal Adelaide Wine Show will always be memorable. And then when our 2012 Sauvignon Blanc won Trophy for Best White Wine in Shanghai in China in the SIAL Wine Awards, was up against 320 winery exhibitors from 11 countries including China, France, Spain, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Tunisia, Portugal, and Italy that was very awesome.

Recently picking up awards for our Chardonnay, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz just makes a fantastic statement about how very special Paracombe is proud to represent Adelaide Hills wine region, which is producing world class award winning wines across a range of varieties and wineries.

What are you planning on highlighting at Australia Trade Tasting?

We’re excited to show our wines, tell our story and realise new opportunities for Paracombe throughout Australia and meet trade and media attendees. We have an incredible offering: Pinot Noir; Chardonnay Sparkling with parcels of back vintages over 22 years; crisp aromatic whites – Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris;  point of difference reds like Malbec, Cabernet Franc, and a cool climate Shiraz with great generousity of fruit.

We want to grow by supporting our partner distributors in Victoria and New South Wales and gaining more momentum in the trade by finding new partners in states like Queensland. South Australia is incredibly strong for Paracombe, and we want to find partners ready to achieve and realize our vision for a national Paracombe.
Paracombe wines represents Australian ideals that mimic those of a long and storied history of wine making throughout the world, but their open philosophy to the modern wine industry has given them the exposure they need to succeed. The family winery offers a unique look back at what the Paracombe wine region once was, while also representing the potential of what it will be in the future. Looking out over the Paracombe vineyards, it’s easy see why Kathy and Paul were so enchanted by the land and eager to make Paracombe Wines a national story.

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The Mountains Wines of Macedonia & Swedish Winter Vodka in Australia’s Beverage Landscape.

Drinks R Us Blog

Profiling Znaps Vodka and Dalvina Wine from Australia Trade Tasting Exhibitor ‘Drinks R US

Stalwart in their determination to create internationally renowned vodkas worthy of a long winter’s work, generations of Swedish distillers have been producing vodkas celebrated around the world as being some of the best. It’s a standing tradition in Sweden that Australia has, in relative terms, just begun to embrace as their own. The craft distillery movement is becoming ever more popular in Australia, and with some amazing offerings popping up around the world available it’s for good reason.

Drinks R US is already on board the craft revolution band wagon. Their Swedish  Vodkas are new offerings soon to be turning Aussie heads northward (or to their smart phones) as they look to learn from Sweden’s famous winter wheat culture and vodka tradition.

Two thousand kilometers away, almost due south, grapes have been cultured in Macedonia’s mountain valleys for wine production since Roman times. It’s an age old tradition from an ancient land that is just beginning to find it’s way into the heart’s of modern consumers.

What do you get when you put Swedish vodka culture together with a Macedonian summer? Drinking on Long Sunny Days – now that’s something any Aussie can get behind!

Drinks R US talks about Vodka from Sweden & Dalvina wine from Macedonia’s burgeoning Strumichko-Radovishki wine region.

BTN: What’s the story behind Swedish Vodka- what make Swedish distilleries so special?

Great Vodka is all about quality ingredients – and Sweden really has some clear cut advantages in comparison to other countries producing premium vodkas. Sweden’s uniquely cold climate, winter wheat and pristine water means that micro-distilleries get access to some of the best local crops and produce their vodkas in boutique environments tucked away in winter wonderlands. They are very proud of their distilling culture and take it very seriously. We tend to agree – we are going to be showcasing two Vodkas that we believe are some of the best that money can buy.

The Smooth Vodka is an organic Super Premium Vodka made from organic grown wheat. It has been awarded international medals for its smooth quality and also as Sweden’s first organic vodka. The bottles are designed by one of Sweden’s most famous designers, Mr. Lars Hall.

The Ginseng Vodka comes in the same designer bottle as The Smooth Vodka. Even though it is geared towards the Asian market, it’s always a crowd favourite. Still using the highest quality grains, ginseng is added to the vodka for an extra smooth sensation. We say it is a perfect marriage between
Swedish & Chinese cultures. Tough to imagine, but true! With the large Asian population in Australia and the move for buyers to find quality premium offerings, we think Ginseng Vodka will be a valuable asset to retailers as the market moves from traditional drink categories to specialty vodkas and spirits.

BTN: You are also going to be highlighting some interesting wine at the event – where does the Dalvina label come from?

Dalvina is from near the city of Strumica in southeast Macedonia . The Strumichko-Radovishki wine region, that lies in the valley between the Struma and Strumeshnica rivers, has a Mediterranean climate and an average altitude of 380m. Surrounded by high mountains, the vineyards at Dalvina have a constant light wind as a guest. The average year round temperature in the valley is 20.2 degrees and there are 210 sunny days a year. With practically perfect conditions, healthy, high quality grapes are a stolid characteristic of the region. The fruits are allowed to develop to full maturity and make juicy, fruity wines with a rich palette of tastes and aromas. The area is becoming more and more popular as the world is beginning to recognize the area as a new stronghold of value wines in the world market.

Dalvina practices minimal intervention to allow for the most natural expression of the fruit and the land and believes that paying meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire wine making process – from the vineyard to the winery – produces wines of depth, character and sophistication.

BTN: Have you launched any of these products in Australia yet and What are you looking forward accomplishing at Australia Trade Tasting?

Our Dalvina wine products have been on the market for just over a year now, and are gaining traction. We’ve been targeting Macedonian & Balkan communities, as they recognize the brand. We are excited to get buyers at Australia Trade Tasting on board and expand to a broader market as we believe consumers will quickly see Dalvina as a great value wine offering.

Our Vodka range is yet to be launched – we’re awaiting stock delivery later this year. We expect that Australian Trade Tasting will be a great opportunity for buyers to experience our vodka and come to see them as a unique premium option for a reasonable price.

We are targeting high end bars, clubs, restaurants, Duty Free shops and high end retailers because we our Vodka and Wine offering is exclusive, carries the highest quality and allows consumers to purchase high quality products at a very reasonable price, a market gap which is growing in Austalia.

From the frozen fields of Sweden to the sun parched hills of Macedonia, ‘Drinks R US’ is bringing some pretty exciting offerings to the Outback. The industry is booming on the skirts of the growing craft industry as consumers open up to experiencing new independent brands. Importers like ‘Drinks R US’ are the companies fueling the revolution.

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A Truly Organic Experience – Profiling Pure Vision and Nature’s Step Wines


Australia Trade Tasting Profiles Pure Vision and Nature’s Step Wines

Light’s View Wines has been helping pioneer the organic movement with their Pure Vision and Nature’s Step brands. Bursting with fruit and reflecting a distinctly pure terroir, their organic line-up is something special.

While organic wines may have appealed to a select market a decade ago, it only takes an afternoon tasting Pure Vision and Nature’s Step’s offering of dynamic varietals to taste why the category is a leading example of what innovation is bringing to the industry. As some of the few organic selections coming from Adelaide Plains, consumers and critics alike are quick to identify that these wines are far more impressive than just another boutique offering.

Light’s View Wines has been helping pioneer the organic movement with their Pure Vision and Nature’s Step brands. Bursting with fruit and reflecting a distinctly pure terroir, their organic line-up is something special. The Mediterranean like climate of Adelaide Hills and Light’s View’s forty year old, converted organic vineyards are the perfect recipe for a showcase wine and they’ve been getting their fair share of attention.


It’s their vision to become one of South Australia’s leading wine companies in all areas of business while maintaining top quality organic standards in their vineyards. Between their diverse line-up and unique story, Light’s View’s organic wine brands really shine. We talked with Teresa Carypidis and asked her about what it means to be on the leading edge of such an exciting new category.

Light’s View is a really interesting name – how did you decide on it?
The name Light’s View originates from Lt. Colonel William Light – the first surveyor general of South Australia. In 1836, he chose Adelaide as the capital city for South Australia, designed the city centre, and created the park lands. We chose the name ‘Light’s View’ Wines because we are proud of the history behind our terroir and want people around the world to know the story behind our Adelaide based winery. The Colonel’s role in founding and designing Adelaide is remembered at Light’s Vision.

What does it mean to be and How Long have Nature’s Step and Pure Vision been ‘certified’ Organic?  
Our vineyards have been 100% certified organic since 2010. Becoming certified organic takes a lot of time and (money) and patience. In order to be certified we went through a strict 3 year conversion process with a certifying body.
We have eliminated the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides, which over the years can be detrimental to the soil, planet and the wine drinker. Now, nearly five years on, the soils are clean and feed off living organisms. Being certified organic means that consumers can trust that our vineyards are grown and our wine is produced in accordance with national organic standards. We are also USDA certified which means our wines meet the strict organic criteria for USA enabling us to widen our export market.

What kind of consumers do your organic wines really resonate with?
Our organic wines are targeted to the modern day wine drinker looking for a healthier alternative to conventional wines without compromising quality. Our wines are low in sulphur, so we also reach out to those consumers who have sulphur allergies, as they find it difficult to drink and enjoy conventional wine. We want our customer’s to drink and enjoy our organic wines – without the nasty side-effects.

What are you excited about showing Industry buyers and media at
Australia Trade Tasting?
We cannot wait to show the buyers at Australia Trade Tasting our award winning organic wine range. We have created a unique range of organic wines that are affordable for the market. Come and see for yourself how fresh and fruity our wines are – customer’s will love them. We also want to share our families’ journey into the organic wine business and how excited we are to be a part of the organic movement.

An icon brand of the South Australia wine industry, Pure Vision and Nature’s Step are perfect examples of how good a truly organic offering can be. The cool coastal breezes and abundance of sunshine in the Adelaide Hills create ideal weather conditions for their vineyards to thrive under the certified organic requirements. The vineyards yield some of the country’s most unique grapes and they are taking advantage of the opportunity they present by making some remarkably unique wines with every one. The evidence is in the purity of their offering – these wines reflects the story of an extraordinary team and their commitment to their home, our country and the future of a sustainable wine industry for everyone.

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