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Building your brand as a sustainable brand and a closing note

Having built a brand from ground up starting in 1992, Bill Lark is able to reflect upon his experience from the last 23 years and provide insights about how to build a brand that lasts and stands the test of time.

Bill Lark

Bill is now regarded as the grandfather or godfather of Australian whisky and we are pleased to have Bill speak at AuTT Conference. Distilleries, Distributors, Importers, Get Inspired By Bill At AuTT Conference on 1st September. Starting out with a small distillery in nearby Richmond in 1997, in 2000 they opened a cellar door at Constitution Dock in Hobart, the same year Bill quit surveying, followed six years later by a 1ha distillery, bond store and brew house in Richmond, where they now feed Scottish highland cattle spent grain and run tours for tourists.

Today the Lark Distillery is one of Australia’s leading distilleries, producing high quality, premium spirits using traditional time honoured methods. The Distillery runs an 1800 litre copper pot still along with a 500 litre spirit still, and produces ten to twelve 100 litre barrels per month. The range of distilled products includes the flagship Single Malt Whisky, Premium Vodka, Gin, and TASI aromatica bush Liqueur.

Come and meet Bill at AuTT Conference on 1st September in Melbourne.