Getting approval from your producer or boss to attend ‘AuTT Conference’

Are you a wine, beer, spirits or a beverage rep? and need to get approval from your boss or your producer for whom you are working? Help is here.

Remember that the cost of attending a conference is considerable. That total includes conference registration fees, travel costs (if not around Melbourne), hotel, and time-away-from-work costs. It is likely your managers will want some serious justification for you to attend a conference.

Your attendance at the AuTT Conference will help you effectively meet and overcome the biggest marketing sales, distribution and marketing challenges you are facing today!

Here are some things your boss/producer may need to know. You might want to stress real benefits like…

  • Learn how to launch, market and grow your wine, beer or spirit brand.
  • Reduce your trial and error time: Why experiment with your branding when you can fast-track your time to success? The experts at this event will empower you to focus on what really works (and prove to others it works).
  • High level networking with marketers just like you: Imagine connecting face-to-face with hundreds of people—just like you—as you share stories, gather ideas and build relationships that last for years.
  • Meet the speakers. Attendees will learn first-hand from presentations and also have the unique opportunity to directly engage with new industry contacts.
  • Get your ROI by getting great content. The right conferences not only allow you to meet smart, inspiring people, but also teach you a ton — especially in skills that make you a more well-rounded professional. AuTT Conference is all about ‘How To Do It’. We are not going to discuss where the industry is going, what are the problems – instead we are going to discuss how to make it happen and do it better.

“Timing is perfect. End of financial year is coming soon, use your money now to invest in an activity in coming months”.

Send them full conference program. Below is a sampling of what you will learn.

  • How to manage and grow your brand. By Glenn Cooper
  • How to pitch your brand to independents bottleshops. By Giuseppe Minissale
  • How to make people fall in love with your brands. By Stuart Gregor.
  • How to create a culture and how to share that with your customers. By Andre Eikmeier
  • How to grow your brand in on-premise accounts. By Jenna Hemsworth
  • How to Get Press Attention: Even With NO / Less Budget. By James Gregory Wilkinson
  • How to create effective retail merchandising programs that work in retail. By Rose Scott
  • How to build your brand as a sustainable brand. By Bill Lark
  • How To Pitch Your Brand To A Prospective Distributor. By Kathleen Davies
  • How to sell as the founders of the world’s highest selling wine brand ‘Barefoot’ take on the stage and talk on Sales Fixes Everything: Seven Level of Sales tiers. By Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey

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About AuTT and Team: 

Australia Trade Tasting is brought to you by Beverage Trade Network (US Based Company) which is one of the leading platforms educating the beverage industry globally. (Check out BTN Academy to learn more). Beverage Trade Network also works with Wine Australia USA Team helping Australian wineries grow in the US market. The conference will not focus on the ‘problems’ unlike other conferences, AuTT is all about ‘How to’ (how to sell, how to market, how to grow, how to build), so get involved now to learn from your favorite speakers and get inspired at AuTT.


Marketing Wineries and Breweries via Digital means: 2015 and Beyond

Digital Strategist, Blogger and Founder of BizEez CommunicationsJoin Tania Shirgwin, Digital Strategist, Blogger and Founder of BizEez Communications at Australia Trade Tasting Conference on 1st September in Melbourne.

With the ever-expanding mix of devices and digital channels, the need for brands to be publishers and constantly changing consumer habits when it comes to technology; it’s no wonder brands find the digital space overwhelming.  In this presentation, Tania will walk you through the key areas of digital marketing in 2015 and offer practical, actionable tips to cut through the noise and get your beer or wine brand in front of your target consumer.

registernowLearn more about Tania Shirgwin

What is Australia Trade Tasting Conference?

Featuring 12 key note presentations and 12 bold talks between 2 days, the Australia Trade Tasting Conference is set to give professional insights into the strategies and standards that the industry’s top thinkers are using to shape the marketplace around you. The educational conference is a 2 day experience that brings together thousands of hundreds of beverage professionals in one place.

Whether you are a craft distillery, craft brewery or a boutique winery that’s just starting out, or work in sales at an importer/distributor or an established beverage company, or simply wish to expand your skill set and gain new perspective, Australia Trade Tasting Conference is a must attend event.

Join hundreds of fellow wine makers, brew masters, distillers, sales people and marketers at the Australia Trade Tasting Conference which is designed to inspire you with sales and marketing ideas—brought to you by Beverage Trade Network Academy.

In 4 years BTN has grown from 400 to over 9000 members from more than 50 countries. Our goal is to empower small to medium wineries, breweries, distilleries, importers and distributors with the necessary tools and educational resources for sustainable growth in sales and distribution.

What is the difference between the conference days of 1st and 2nd September?

Focusing on the Australian Market and the US Market, respectively, the educational conference is divided into 2 full days.

1st September (Australia Market): Speakers will educate you on Sales, Distribution and Marketing techniques that work in the Australian market.

Australia Trade Tasting Conference

2nd September (USA Focused Market): Speakers will educate you on Sales, Distribution and Marketing techniques that work in the USA market.


Interested in learning? Here is a deal that will help you save $100 if you book by May 31.


Barefoot Wine Founders Announced As Keynote Speakers

Australia Trade Tasting

I don’t know if you are already aware, but we have a great line-up of speakers ready to inspire you to do great things at the Australia Trade Tasting Conference. We believe learning from the world’s most innovative and inspirational people is something special.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce that Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, two of the most successful wine brand owners of all time, are going to be keynote speakers at the Australia Trade Tasting USA Export Focus Day.

As founders of Barefoot Wines, Michael and Bonnie are perhaps the most prolific wine sales professionals in history. I mean, who else can say that they started out in their laundry room with nothing more than an idea and then went on to build the world’s top selling wine brand? Now that’s something truly special!


Whether you admire them for their commitment to fulfilling their dream or for their business savvy, these two are absolute must see key note speakers. Their insight into the US Market is profound. Come get inspired by their Guiding Principles for Success (GPS) and learn what it really means to succeed in the three tier system.

Receiving their tips first hand is one thing, but when you register before November 30, 2014, you’ll also receive priority VIP front-row seating. That means you’ll get to be face to face as they talk about the in’s and out’s of the international beverage business. Take a look for yourself:


Australia Trade Tasting announces educational conference on 1st September 2015.

Australia Trade Tasting announces educational conference on 1st September, 2015.

Foresight.  Ambition. Dedication. Education.

6 Bold Talks to coach you – 6 Key Note Speakers to train you – 1 Day to inspire and educate.

Dates of Australia Trade Tasting

Learn from some of the most influential professionals in the beverage industry at the Australia Trade Tasting educational conference on August 31st, 2015.  These presentations from industry leaders on today’s leading ideas on marketing, sales and distribution will challenge and inspire you to grow your beverage company.

Featuring eight key note presentations and eight bold talks, the conference is set to give you insight into what strategies and standards the industry’s top thinkers are using to shape the marketplace around you.

What is the Australian Trade Tasting Educational Conference?

The educational conference is a full day experience that brings together thousands of beverage professionals from around the world.  The event takes place on 1st September, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.